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Priority Credit Management Corporation (PCM) is a full-service accounts receivable firm that specializes in providing tools and resources that save time, protect reputation and drive results.

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PCM began as a collection agency and evolved into a full-cycle accounts receivable firm. Our passion is helping customers get paid - from credit application adjudication and risk mitigation, A/R outsourcing, lien filing, team training, and third-party collections, we have the tools and resources to help you succeed.


Our 'why' is seeing your company succeed financially, which is why we are excited to get out of bed in the morning. We know that strong companies can ultimately impact communities, and our partnership is a small part of the big picture. We will problem-solve with you, always be fair with you, and above all, we will pour our hearts into getting you results.



PCM PRO is your online credit assistant, working 24/7 to improve your receivables. Automate your credit processes ensuring timely communication with your customers. Get cash flowing faster. Do more with less.



"Just wanted to say thank you for the non-aggressive approach, Nathan Graham was very kind and a pleasure to work with, I found this to be more of a positive experience rather than being negative, especially in these difficult times."

Monica, PCM Account Holder

"I was very impressed with [Lien-Pro's] knowledge, professional manner, and quick response."

Doina Vuia, Business administration and accounting, Jerami Construction

"Lien-Pro provides excellent service."

Michael C. Brown, President, MCC / LienMaster

"I began using PCM approximately 2 years ago. I have had nothing but positive dealings with the staff. They are customer service oriented and always available to answer questions. I have had excellent recovery rates since switching to PCM. They are always on top of my accounts, both small debt and large debt collection. No debt is too small for them to put their best people on. I will continue to use PCM for all my debt recovery and wouldn't hesitate to recommend PCM to any of my colleagues or clients."

Confidential, B.C. Concrete Supplier

"Lien Pro is our go to when dealing with collection issues. We’ve successfully recovered many accounts through their hard work and dedication, which always helps with the bottom line."

Shawn Stangeland, Controller, TEC Canada

"I have used Priority Credit Management Corp to recover some accounts receivables and have been very happy with their service. Not only did they recover the outstanding balances quickly, it was great not having to write off a larger loss than first thought which helped to manage our cash flow much more efficiently. Priority Credit Management Corp’s services allowed me to stay positive and continue to work at growing my business instead of dealing with an unpleasant situation of collecting bad debts.

Thank you for doing what you do! Much appreciated."

Jason Yarmuch, CIP, Blanket Ltd.

"Adtel Inc. came on board with Priority Credit Management Corp. in 2017. Our previous collection processes for years, were on the negative side and we needed some positivity with our process of collections.

Danielle Dahl and her team have been professional, accommodating, friendly and so easy to deal with in all aspects of our needs. Each Collection Officer, when dealing with, on a particular recovery, are knowledgeable, helpful and quick to add their suggestions for an easy process. Adtel has seen a substantial gain on the recovery rates of accounts that have been sent to PCM for collection. We can say 100%, that PCM Corp. has provided us with results and complete satisfaction.

We are so pleased to recommend PCM Corp. to any prospective clients and look forward to a continued, mutually rewarding business relationship in the years to come."

Jodie Sinclair, Office Manager, Adtel Inc.

"Priority’s web portal is a great way to keep on top of progress for our files, at any time. It is a great value added tool that we appreciate. The two way communication feature is valuable for us and I believe it helps the collection professionals recover more funds!"

Darryl Hovanak, Manager- Leading Energy Credit Union

"There is a fine balancing act when pursuing collections for a Homeowners Associations. The desire is to apply enough pressure that the overdue owners pay, while ensuring that the Association's relations with the Homeowners remains intact. With the help of PCR Group, Priority Credit & Lien-Pro, we are very pleased to have been able to collect on 84% of the files we sent. They are continuing to work with our organization to collect on the remaining accounts."

Michael Robin, Treasurer, The Grange Homeowners Association Edmonton

"As a small business Lien-Pro helped us as a first time filer receive payment quickly and walked us through the whole filing process with ease. If we ever run into a payment issue again we will definitely reach out to Lien-Pro without hesitation."

James Szojka, Director, Yard Dawgs Ltd Calgary

"I contacted a lawyer in Calgary who recommended using Lien Pro’s services at a better rate compared to theirs and I'm happy I did! From the start their office was prompt and professional, right up to the lien discharge along with excellent communication with the lawyer acting in behalf of the company who I was dealing with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lien Pro as the best and most cost effective way to pursue a builder’s lien. Thanks again Jeff and Alysia."

Mark Broadhurst, Owner, Clear-View Window Cleaning

"Lien-Pro made everything so easy! The filing was a piece of cake and we received payment in no time!"

Carrie Carson, Vice President, International Crane and Hoist

"Since working with Lien-Pro, Ecco Heating Products has been able to recover funds while keeping legal costs down. The entire Lien Pro Team are a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to work with. Action and results, what more can you ask for!"

Sandra Moore, Credit Manager, Ecco Heating Products Ltd.

"As busy as the day to day operations can be, Lien-Pro made it easy to make sure the lien was filed quickly and accurately while I could focus on my daily tasks without worrying about the lien process."

Janice Christiansen, Credit Manager, All Weather Windows Ltd.

"Lien-Pro is our first call if we need to process a lien. They make the procedure clean, efficient and simple. Their handling of our liens allows us to focus on our clients and our business."

Kerry McKay, Regional Manager, Workforce Temporary and Permanent Staffing Solutions

"… What [we] value most is your expertise and responsiveness. It is a huge benefit to [us] that your service is all-encompassing; [we] can simply send off the "request for filing” and know that you will take care of all the details necessary to ensure registration is complete. [We] can just sit back and wait for the confirmation!”

Confidential, Full Service Calgary Law Firm


"Receiving a call from the creditors is never easy and usually comes in a time of stress for the person receiving the call. When I received a call from PCM about my debt it was definitely in a time of stress when I was just trying to get back on my feet but Nathan from PCM was extremely understanding and so nice to deal with. I owed a considerable amount of money as well, somewhere around the 10k mark. Nathan was able to work with me on a payment plan that was affordable for me at the time so I can start paying it back and start turning my credit around. It never felt like your typical creditor company who shows zero compassion and just wants their money. It felt like they were more on my side to help me get through it which is why I was so motivated to get it cleared up.

My hat is off to them on how they deal with their customers"

From a PCM Account Holder