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Brad Lohnes childhood farm

Brad Lohner – Founder & Member of The Board

Phone: 1-866-895-1622 or 1-647-497-6001

Email: [email protected]


I grew up on a farm 150 km southeast of Edmonton. It was a mixed farm, and I shovelled my share of grain and other “substances.”

Our family used to travel to Edmonton periodically, and I would always remember saying to my folks, “Someday I want to work in one of those tall office towers,” to which my mom would always reply, “Then you better do well in school.”

After high school, I took a year off before embarking on post-secondary education and met a fellow who owned a collection agency.

He described what he did for a living and I remember thinking, “How can someone not pay their bills?”

He asked me if I could help him and make a quick 50 bucks. My gas tank was empty so I said sure. He had me follow someone to work and report back where the gentleman worked.

It was fun “PI” work. I reported back in the morning and got my $50 for about an hour’s worth of work. At the time, I was working for $3.80 an hour, so 50 dollars was a fortune, and I was hooked.

Starting in Consumer Debt Recovery

My career in debt recovery began formally in 1985 while working for Metropolitan Credit, which was a scrappy regional agency at the time. It was a blast! Debt recovery seemed to come naturally to me. During calls, people opened up, and I was able to help them find a way to resolve their problems.

Being a debt collector can have awkward moments too. There is no better way to clear a room at a party than when someone asked me what I did for a living. I took all the ribbing in stride, knowing that I was providing a valuable service for the business community.

Fast forward many years later. We grew that first company from 21 people to almost 300 with five offices across Canada. Our primary clients were financial institutions, telecommunication companies, and utilities. We did work for the odd private business, and I enjoyed those the most.

Priority Credit – Commercial Debt Recovery

Credit recovery from individuals became monotonous and unexciting, so after 19 years, I resigned from my employer and started Priority Credit, now Priority Credit Management Corp ( PCM Corp) and a year later, we purchased another recovery firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At PCM Corp, a commercial collection agency service provider, I can focus on B2B or commercial debt recovery and helping to resolve disputes and solve cash flow problems.

Our valued customers continue to provide feedback on our industry, which fueled such innovations as:

  • Our exclusive Balanced Scorecard System
  • Lien-Pro® offering Lien Filing Services
  • And our newest technology PCM PRO

PCM PRO is an automated receivable management system. Clients can easily connect to the PCM PRO system and enjoy the benefits of automation and bundled pricing options.


After almost 35 years of being in the credit recovery industry, I still get a real kick out of helping our customers recover their hard-earned money from slow-paying account holders, both nationally and internationally.

At PCM Corp, we provide essential services to the business community including Receivables Management, Debt Recovery and Lien Filing services. I am so proud of our team of professional men and women who share my passion.

Eventually, it is my goal to sell the business to our Executive Team and I am very excited to see what the next 35 years will bring. Visit our About PCM Corp page to learn more.