January 14, 2019—Edmonton, Alberta—Priority Credit Management Corporation (PCM) formerly known as Priority Credit Recovery (PCR) is launching a new dynamic suite of credit management services, which encompasses all their separate affiliate services under one entity.

The goal is to position itself as a single source provider for all functions of credit management.

PCM’s new website http://1stonthelist.website/pcmcorp utilizes the latest technology creating a user-friendly experience offering access to specific programs handled by highly trained credit and collection professionals. The PCM team will work with each client companies’ unique requirements to increase customer satisfaction and speed up cash flow.

According to Brad Lohner, CEO and his daughter, Alysia Lohner EVP, “With the launch of PCM, we take the pain out of credit and collection through professional services committed to getting it done quickly and effectively. We take on the responsibility and due diligence with an expert team that can provide what most companies are lacking internally. In addition, our world-class technology team with feedback from our clients has created a secure customer portal allowing 24/7 access to customer information.”

Brad has been in collections and credit management services for the last 30 years and started PCR in 2005 providing clients with credit approvals, A/R outsourcing, liens for builders’, construction, oil & gas and caveats.

Alysia worked her way up through the PCR organization during university and then after graduating, became a full-time member of the management team concentrating on the lien services side of the business. She has now excelled into a leadership role in developing the strategy and business vision with Brad to have all of their services available as “one-stop shopping” within PCM.

“By synchronizing and adding new technologies as well as unique subscription plans, PCM makes it easier for our clients to select packages that fit their business needs and credit management/collections objectives,” said Alysia.

According to the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, when looking at the average recovery rate throughout the collection industry, PCM greatly exceeds the peer average PCM has a great reputation as a low risk commercial collection agency that delivers superior results and can play a vital role in the financial health of a company’s future.

About PCM Corp

Priority Credit Management (PCM) Corp headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta is the leading Canadian Commercial collection agency in Canada offering a total suite of credit management services with collections, lien advocacy plans, credit approval and A/R outsourcing.

For over thirty years, the company continues strategic alliances with the East Coast of Canada and Quebec to provide comprehensive coverage and services throughout North America. United States companies looking for a Canadian commercial collection agency will find additional information regarding collection protocol by contacting PCM.

PCM is committed to changing the way you think about credit management and collections. For more information, contact us online or email [email protected]


For additional information and media interviews, please contact Danielle Dahl

[email protected] or 1-866-266-0117 xtn 394

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