Credit & Collections Training Programs

Our credit and collections training courses for credit departments and teams are substantially similar to our group training seminars. The exception is that all participants are now from the same organization.

It is always best to conduct training on-site (at your office location).  In the current climate, however, webinars and online seminars are our go-to.

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Flexible Credit Department Training

Depending upon the size of your credit department, credit and collection training sessions can be condensed into several half-day sprints. Your credit team can still get their work completed while some of their colleagues attend the half-day workshop. Credit department training is customized depending upon your industry and marketplace.

We encourage Credit Managers, or whoever oversees your company’s credit control team, to attend each session with your staff. Attendees are encouraged to bring along a challenging customer issue for discussion. PCM Corp facilitators perform “workouts” on these specific challenges, which will assist the entire team.

Discussions during PCM-led credit and collections training programs usually uncover additional learning opportunities for your consideration. They also help to gauge the level of commitment your team has to your overall goals. After the training sessions are complete, we will provide you with a post-mortem on the event and our observations about your team members.

Types of Training We've Offered

Some of the projects we have explored with companies during credit and collections training have included:

  • Individual online assessments of team members to evaluate role-fit to a skillset
  • Hiring and team leadership
  • Creating or restructuring credit departments as a whole
  • Defining your credit policy
  • Creating follow-up systems for slow-paying customers
  • Implementing short-term automation for large volume, short-staff companies
  • Reviewing and adjusting credit applications and legal documents
  • Credit collections and negotiations training (all levels)
  • Lien filing
  • Resolving communication breakdowns within credit teams
  • Reading and interpreting credit reports
  • And much more
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Let Us Help You with Credit Control

If you need help with credit control and you are interested in having Priority Credit Management Corp (PCM Corp) provide credit control training for your team, please reach out to us to see if we would be the right fit for your organization.

We can be reached by calling 1-866-766-9195 or through our online contact us form.