Commercial Collection Services Canada & USA

The provision of our PCM Corp commercial collection services is the process of recovering past due monies owed to businesses by their corporate customers.

Strategies utilized for commercial debt collection are much different from that of consumer debt collection (such as collecting credit card debt). B2B collection services involve a degree of expertise of the commercial credit grantor and how each conducts its business.

  • Canadian debt collection agencies can train up a bank card or utility debt collector within one-year.
  • A competent collection services provider may take between 5 to 7 years of apprenticeship to be fully trained.

Collection agencies that market themselves as providers of B2B collection services, as well as experts in bank card, utility collections, and telecommunications collections, should be carefully vetted if you are considering them as potential providers of commercial collection services.

Consumer credit problems dwarf commercial credit volumes, and many collection agencies who claim to be experts in both commercial and consumer markets will regularly move their commercial staff to service consumer portfolios due to volume demand, leaving commercial credit grantors with untrained junior staff.

You Can’t Be a Master of All Trades

Collection agencies that specialize in commercial collections services are easy to spot:

  1. They market themselves as commercial debt collectors only.
  2. They invest heavily in their people – Commercial collection services staff can obtain designations, such as the certifications offered by the International Association of Commercial Collectors (Certified Commercial Collector) or similar certifications, which are endorsed by the Commercial Law League of America and other industry associations.
  3. The agency staff actively participate in industry associations and professional development opportunities – Including the Credit Institute of Canada professional development events.

All three of these initiatives are easy to identify and validate. Collectors working for commercial collection service providers, who have achieved certification, will not be moved to a consumer credit portfolio, as they have made a personal commitment to their profession.

PCM Corp Services

PCM Corp provides commercial collection services for industrial, domestic, and foreign creditors every day. Our staff is rigorously trained and receives regular professional development update opportunities. We even offer distribution and wholesale debt collection services.

The hallmarks of a professional commercial debt collection service include:

  • Staffing
  • Data Security
  • Performance

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About PCM Corp

Priority Credit Management has been helping commercial businesses since 2005, providing the tools and commercial collection services needed for successful debt recovery. Let us help you to responsibly collect on debt, improve cash flow, and successfully manage your receivables.

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