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As a retail and wholesale debt collection agency, Priority Credit Management Corp (PCM Corp) can help if you are a distribution or wholesale company having difficulty with debt recovery.

Manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale firms can face unique challenges when it comes to the collection of debt from slow-paying customers. Generally, wholesalers and distributors have fewer customers than traditional commercial credit grantors and the average amounts owed by each customer can be significantly higher.

Frequently, one bad debt can result in a wholesale or distribution creditor having a poor financial year.

PCM Corp is an experienced wholesale debt collection agency and we understand how credit and collections can play a significant role in the financial health of wholesale and distribution creditors.

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The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Profitable accounts receivable management in the wholesale distribution industry starts with robust credit-granting policies surrounding the financial stability of both the prospective corporate customer and the business principal.

At PCM Corp, we recommend obtaining a “personal guarantee” or “joint and several” liability clause signed by the potential corporate customers’ business principal.

Often, product is supplied to wholesale and distribution customers on a consignment basis. This makes it necessary to secure yourself even further through personal property registry or UCC “Universal Commercial Code” filings.

Let our wholesale debt collection agency show you how marketplace awareness and early intervention can play a key role in the successful implementation of distribution and wholesale debt collection services.

Hope is Not a Business Plan

If market indicators suggest that your customer will have a difficult time moving your product, steps should immediately be taken to reduce your risk. Hoping that your distribution or wholesale customer has the business savvy to adjust quickly enough to market conditions can be a fatal mistake.

Trade Credit Insurance is one way to reduce risk, but it has its drawbacks too, such as high premiums and high deductibles.

A wholesale debt collection agency like PCM Corp can provide a combination of prudent credit granting, ongoing monitoring, and knowledgeable collection expertise. This combination can help mitigate much of the risk and expense normally associated with distribution and wholesale debt collection issues. We can also apply this level of expertise to transportation and freight debt collection.

About PCM Corp

We've been helping retail and wholesale businesses with debt recovery since 2005. Access to cash is necessary to help your company grow and thrive. We believe that by successfully managing your receivables, you can greatly improve cash flow and the health of your business – so you can stay in business.

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