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Communications & Media Credit Management Services

Due diligence in communications and media credit management is essential since this industry encompasses so many different types of businesses including:

Radio Online Advertising
Television Magazine and Print Media
Billboards And many others

Usually Custom Non-Returnable Material

Unlike a lot of standard businesses like wholesale and distribution companies that can accept unused products for return credit, communications and media companies create their products and services with the end customer’s name.

No one else can make use of this creative material except the original customer. This makes it even more critical that media credit management processes are conducted thoroughly by the credit professional. Proper due diligence is a must to increase the probability of repayment.

As an example, we’ve seen professional sports teams run into major issues with event advertising and private suite rentals by season ticket holders.

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Prevention Is Key to Risk Management for Media Companies

Before your creative team swings into action producing custom work, we recommend the following:

  • Obtain a completed credit application.
  • Have the credit application thoroughly investigated.
  • Perhaps get a bank credit check to be sure your customer has the creditworthiness and capacity to enter into longer-term contracts.

Get Help Improving Your Overall Success Rate

Priority Credit Management Corp (PCM Corp) has a great deal of experience with communications and media credit management. We help companies reduce risk by performing credit and bank checks and having the credit applications vetted by certified credit professionals with many years of credit-granting experience.

Our list of media and communications clients include:

  • Professional Hockey Teams
  • National Media Broadcasters
  • National Advertisers
  • Commercial Printing Companies
  • Promotional Product Suppliers
  • And Many More

In our experience, one of the primary reasons communications and media credit management fall short is because many in the advertising industry do not obtain a credit application.

If your firm does not typically get credit applications from its customers, give our office a call today. We can help you create a custom Credit Application Form Template so you can easily implement steps to minimize your risk.

Let Us Help You with Media Credit Management

PCM Corp has been helping clients with credit control since 2005. To determine client eligibility for credit terms, we use the 4 c’s of credit granting.

To learn more about our commercial accounts receivable management company, or if you still have questions about our communications and media credit management services, please call us at 1-866-766-9195, or contact us online.