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Construction & Equipment Rental Credit Management Services

If your company is in the business of construction and equipment rentals, PCM Corp can help you with equipment rental credit management services.

Credit and Collection Management for equipment rental companies can be more complicated than regular credit sales.

Rental companies can file Builders’ or Construction liens if their equipment gets used in the improvement of land. Rental firms must find ways to protect their rental income stream but also account for the value of equipment that does not get returned.

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Construction Credit is Our Specialty

PCM Corp’s roots began in the construction and building supply markets. As part of our equipment rental credit management services we’ve since:

Tracking Lien Deadlines, Automated Demand Letters & More

Credit professionals in construction and equipment rental companies asked PCM Corp to develop a tool to automate their receivables. A panel of Credit Managers from the construction industry provided feedback, and we developed PCM PRO: an automated accounts receivable management system designed especially for construction credit.

Now you can send out automated reminder notices on your company letterhead as well as our PCM Corp letterhead. The system tracks your lien deadlines for you and sends you a reminder before your lien rights expire. You can view full option packages in further detail on our PCM Pro Plans page.

Date Tracking Can  Critical in the Construction Industry

PCM Corp recommends that equipment rental firms pay close attention to the dates of when the customer asks for your equipment to be picked up, or if the customer brings the equipment back, then its return date. These dates are critical for lien deadline purposes, but also the potential added rental fees.

In the past, PCM Corp was involved in two court cases where our client, an equipment rental company, was asked to pick up their equipment. Due to unforeseen delays (weather) however, our client wasn’t able to retrieve its equipment for several weeks. Our client added three more weeks onto the rental fees and attempted to recover funds from the account holder.

Against our guidance, the equipment rental company decided to sue their customer, and the judge threw out the claim for the additional three weeks, which resulted in our client spending unnecessary legal fees.

We are Here to Help

As mentioned before, Priority Credit Management Corp specializes in construction credit and equipment rental credit management services. Some of the types of companies we have worked with include:

  • Equipment Rental
  • Construction Material Supply
  • Temporary Labour & Staffing
  • Engineering Firms
  • General Contractors
  • Industrial Infrastructure Companies
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Restoration Companies
  • Road Construction & Concrete
  • And many more

If you or your team have any questions about construction credit or any of our equipment rental credit management services, please give us a call at 1-866-766-9195 or contact us online for a complimentary and confidential consultation.