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Freight & Transportation Credit Management Services

PCM Corp offers transportation credit management services for freight and transportion companies including credit control and collections.

Managing credit at a transportation or freight handling company is an ever-moving target given the prices of fuel from one day to the next. Therefore, it becomes critical that the transportation credit manager or owner-operator has systems and processes in place. Not only do you need to monitor risk but you also need to stay abreast of new transportation measures announced by the government, and manage the increased volumes of invoices associated with the industry.

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Protect Your Cash Flow

The transportation and logistics industry is very competitive. Some large operators are capable of driving prices down to force out small operators. When this occurs, sometimes the best option is NOT to accept the load if it leaves you with no reasonable margin.

All these business challenges can put tremendous strain on your company’s cash flow. If you are also a driver and you do not have the support personnel to follow-up on your behalf, it can be very difficult to:

  • Know how to decide to whom to extend credit
  • Manage your receivables
  • And deal with enhanced collection activity

Even larger firms can experience cash flow issues with thin margins and large receivables from customers that are extending their repayment terms.

Choose a Provider with Experience

When choosing someone to provide transportation credit management services, we recommend choosing a firm with demonstrated experience in your industry. Understanding terms such as Consignor, Consignee, Waybill, and Demurrage will significantly enhance the chances your credit management partner will be successful.

Don’t Lose Money on Currency Exchange

Another consideration should be currency management. Many companies that are involved in Transportation and Logistics operate in a multi-currency environment. Be sure your transportation credit management partner maintains, at a minimum, a CAD and USD client trust account. The provider must be able to keep the currencies consistent so you don’t lose revenue to unnecessary currency exchanges.

Why Choose PCM Corp for Transportation Credit Management?

Priority Credit Management Corp (PCM Corp) is a full-cycle accounts receivable management company. Clients turn to us for risk mitigation strategies such as:

Partnering with a full-cycle credit management firm will help you to stay on top of your credit risk and keep in front of your slow-paying customers. We have offices in Canada and the USA.

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