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The Ultimate Reference for Builders' and Construction Lien Deadlines

Remembering your lien deadlines when you have customers in multiple provinces can be extremely daunting, especially for smaller companies where the business owner or accountant may wear several hats and not have the time to keep track of them all.

It's easier when you have a one-page reference sheet that shows all provinces, so PCM in collaboration with Lien-Pro created this one-page, free downloadable cheat sheet.

This deadline cheat sheet is the ultimate table that references:

  1. Lien Filing Deadlines
  2. Perfection Deadlines

Across all Provinces and Territories in Canada.

Our clients have printed this guide and used it as a reference time and time again when checking their lien deadlines. Another customer favourite is our free deadline calculator.

Simply fill out the form to have access to the cheat sheet and you are sure to have yourself a guide that will help you stay on track for years to come!


*Please note: These deadlines are updated for 2020. Lien deadlines DO change from time to time. If you are ever unsure of the relevancy of this form, please reference the provinces lien act or call Lien-Pro at 1-855-224-6650

**Disclaimer: Priority Credit Management and Lien-Pro is a lien filing agency. We are not lawyers. We will not give you legal advice. We strongly recommend that you consult a licensed lawyer for legal advice.

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