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Since 2005 PCM’s Lien-Pro® division has been helping creditors to file liens and get paid.

Lien-Pro® is Canada’s only national lien filing firm.

A lien is a provincially legislated collection tool you can use to secure your financial interest against real estate, leasehold, for the work and supplies provided to maintain or improve the asset.

Depending on which province you have done the work, different lien deadlines may apply; therefore, it is very important to understand how and when to use this effective tool to get paid. Click here for our LIEN CALCULATOR page. We recommend bookmarking this page for future reference.

Each project and job site are different, so we invite you to call to discuss your particular situation and see if a lien is appropriate. Our number is toll-free 1-866-266-0117. Let’s talk.

Lien-Pro® carries liability or errors and omissions insurance for your protection. We make sure a lien is filed correctly but realize that humans make errors. You are in good hands with Lien-Pro® lien filing.


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Your lien will be filed on time and correctly* or it’s FREE
– *based on information provided and confirmed by the client


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