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Most likely you are visiting this page because you have received a notice. Whenever corresponding or contacting us have your account number handy.

You will find your account number above your name on the letter you have received.

The sole purpose of this secure web page is to assist Client customers to pay and resolve our Client’s bill. You will be treated with respect. To pay a bill immediately, refer to the Make a Payment section of your notice. You will find our phone number on the top right corner of this page.

If you are in Ontario, learn more about your rights here.

Below you will find a secure Response Form should any of the following points are applicable. You can also print this Response Form* and fax to our Toll Free fax# 1-866-266-0137

  • You can prove this bill-account was already paid.
    In order to resolve immediately provide us with the date of payment – amount along with a receipt copy, cheques(s) copy (front and back). You can use the form below or if faxing be sure to use the print copy
  • Even though the name on the notice is addressed to you, you are NOT the right “John Doe” who owes the bill
    We take great strides to ensure this situation does not occur. However, we also rely on Client information and mistakes do happen. In this case it is best to contact us immediately via phone, the Response Form or Fax. It is to the benefit of all parties to resolve this situation immediately.
  • You would like to be contacted via phone during a specific day and time window to have any questions answered or arrange payment
    We don’t want to waste your time. We realize this is a serious matter for both parties and respect your time. Pick a time when you can devote your full attention without any interruptions. Simply use the Response Form below.
  • You have a valid dispute.
    A valid dispute must be based on facts. When using the Response Form below be sure to attach or fax supporting documentation that substantiates your claim.

Response Form

  • Listed above your name on the letter you have received
  • Example: Weekdays 8:30am - 10am
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Should you feel you haven't been treated right, there is a personality conflict with a collector or this matter could better be resolved with a different negotiator you can use the form below to request a referee.

Once your form response is received PCM will appoint a referee who will deal with this matter. The referee will be a PCM executive who has no direct interest in your file.

Our objective is to resolve matters in a calm and civil manner.