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From credit control and risk management to accounts receivable management and compliance bond insurance, Priority Credit Management Corp (PCM Corp) is one of Canada’s top accounts receivable outsourcing companies.

What It Means to Be Bonded & Insured

If you aren’t familiar with bonding and insurance terminology, you are in good company. Many of our clients do not understand what bonds and insurance are and why they should take it into consideration when vetting a potential credit vendor.

Bonding: PCM has a significant amount of funds flowing into our trust accounts each month. The Clients Trust Bond is an insurance policy mandated by each province. It is used to secure those trust funds in the event we decided to empty the trust account and move to a charming island with no extradition treaty with Canada and live off our clients’ trust funds. If that were to occur, the bond would cover the clients whose money we took.

Insured: The debt recovery industry can be a lightning rod for lawsuits if it isn’t managed correctly. PCM maintains crime/fidelity (theft by an employee), cyber, Errors & Omissions, and Commercial General Liability insurance coverage. If PCM was ever faced with a vexatious lawsuit, internal theft, or security breach, the event could impact the financial viability of the company and put our clients at risk. The insurance we carry helps to offload that risk to the insurance company so we can continue to operate.

PCM’s Robust Bonding & Insurance:

PCM Corp is also a fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured credit management company that meets all Canadian Licensing Requirements. We will go above and beyond to ensure you get the help you need. The main reason we have put time and resources into maintaining these standards is for the protection of our customers.

For Help with Insurance & Bonding
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PCM Corp carries the following compliance bond insurance products:

General Commercial Liability $2,000,000

Bodily Injury & Property Damage $2,000,000

Products & Operations $2,000,000

Personal Injury Limit $2,000,000

General Aggregate $5,000,000

Medical Payments $10,000

Tenant Liability $500,000

Errors and Ommissions Insurance

Axis Reinsurance Company $2,000,000

Data Breach/ Cyber Insurance

Beazley Canada $1,000,000

Commercial Crime Insurance

Great American Insurance Corp. $1,000,000

Clients Trust Bonding Insurance (Government Mandated)

Aviva Insurance Company (Surety) $250,000 aggregate
Additional Client Trust Bonding
Aviva Insurance Company (Surety) $300,000 aggregate

Still Looking for More Information?

No problem. We are happy to go through compliance bonding insurance in more detail with you.

Since 2005, we have maintained high standards when it comes to bonding and insurance, and will continue to do so for the protection of ourselves and our clients.

Our accounts receivable outsourcing company has been helping Canadian businesses with credit control, accounts receivable management, and security compliance since 2005. Whether you need provincial debt compliance, general commercial liability insurance or client trust bonding insurance, our PCM Corp credit managers are here to help.

To learn more about our company, Priority Credit Management Corp, or about bonding and insurance, get in touch with one of our credit managers. Call us toll free at
1-866-266-0117 for a confidential consultation or contact us online.