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The Lohner's (Our Founders)

Alysia Lohner


Brad Lohner

Sales Manager, Business Development, and Founder

What is my why?

I love problem solving. Whether it’s finding a solution for our clients or our team – I want to find the best and most efficient ways to do things. “What can I do to help?” is my go-to phrase. Within PCM Corp, I most enjoy being able to connect the team with one another – improving how we work and helping each person and department achieve their goals. Every day is different for me and that is what gets me up in the morning.

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My "Why"

Having been in the Credit and Collection business since 1986, I have “been there, done that, and have multiple t-shirts to prove it.” My attitude has always been to find a way to make things happen, and it's this trait that gets me out of bed each day to build PCM and its affiliated services.

I really enjoy spending time with our customers, listening enables us to identify issues in our customer's businesses and then developing solutions to those challenges. I am equally excited to see where our great team of people can take PCM into the future. I enjoy watching them grow and develop.

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Your Credit & Collections Crew

Office Manager

There is always the person in the office who works behind the scenes to make paperwork and process flow. With Demi’s five years of accounting and administration experience she works effectively to make clients feel special and make the professional collection process run smoothly.

My Why: I enjoy getting to see and be a part of the whole process happen here. From inputting a client, receiving and processing payments and closing accounts. Speaking daily with our clients and helping them get paid!

Credit Advisor Team Lead

To Nathan, no problem is insignificant, too big or too small. With his background in customer service and sales, he sees the total picture of what pain points could be affecting a client’s day-to-day profile and always has the solution to turn lemons into lemonade.

My Why: I enjoy being a solution seeker every day here at PCM. Solving debtor’s and client’s monetary problems alike is a very rewarding experience for me.”

Client Success Manager

My Why: Every day is different, and it never gets boring. I love working with a company that is so forward thinking, it allows us to break the mold and come up with new an innovative solutions and processes for whatever comes our way.

Adena Pappaianni

Iman Cameron
Recovery Admin

Brooke Atkin
Credit Advisor

Samantha Lind
Administrative Assistant

Administrative Coordinator

My Why: I enjoy educating clients about liens, as it helps them be more informed, and helps me understand their perspectives.

Brand Ambassador

My Why: “I absolutely love to see the look on clients faces when they get paid. When our clients have tirelessly tried to collect to no avail and I deliver them a cheque that changes their accounts receivable, it is priceless to watch. Almost every week someone asks me why they didn’t find us sooner because of the difference PCM has made in their company since partnering with us.”

Operations Manager

My Why: I like that I can be challenged and achieve goals that will benefit everyone for the better, and building or creating working relationships that make the journey enjoyable and exciting!

Director of “Pawsitivity”

My Why: Oscar likes to keep his “why” pretty uncomplicated: treats, toys, and all the staff at the office to spend his days with.