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Why Choose PCM Corp

Our new story is rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit in which the company was founded in 2005. At that time we had three operating divisions each created in response to the needs of the market. Priority Credit Recovery was our commercial debt collection division. Lien Pro Inc., was our Builders’ & Construction lien division, and Credit Process Advisors Inc., which provided outsourced credit decisions and accounts receivable management, as well as credit staffing and placement services.

In early 2018, we conducted an exhaustive survey of old, new and potential customers. We hired an outside consulting firm to conduct in-depth interviews with twenty current, former, and potential clients for each operating division. The response we received formed the basis of our new brand, Priority Credit Management Corp – One Company with One Mission.

Helping Creditors by Providing the Support and Tools They Need to Succeed.

Clients and prospects told us they wanted an elegant solution to their internal system constraints. It had to be simple to use and provide data on their customer’s payment patterns. Priority Credit listened and engaged a world-class software developer in building a customer credit management system that meets our client’s requirements and assists them to manage their accounts receivable for maximum return on investment.

What drives us? We Are Passionate about Performance, Innovation, Integrity, Consistency, and Accountability. Visit our Meet the Team page to learn about our exceptional staff.

Our new website, services, and custom client portal are the results of our spirit of innovation. We help creditors by providing the support and tools they need to succeed.

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Call us Toll-Free at 1-866-766-9195

We also have a Ontario office located at 9225 Leslie Street on the Second Floor in Richmond Hill, or call 1-647-497-6001.

Our Principles


Our #1 goal is to provide customers with the support and tools they need to succeed.


As a critical supplier of financial services, we are keenly aware of the positive impact maximum recoveries can have on our customer’s bottom line.


We have a culture of innovation. Examples being Canada’s first and only national construction lien filing system to the new services available on this site.


At PCM we deal with millions of dollars each year that are not our own: every person, system, and third-party audit centers around doing what’s right for our customers.


Ours is a service business, so the only warranty we can provide is the consistency of our services. Our customers repeatedly say they take comfort in using our services because “You’ve Got Our Back.”


No fingerpointing at PCM. When we make a mistake, we own it, learn from it, and ensure systems are put in place to prevent it from happening again.

Brad Lohner

“When considering the mission-critical nature of accounts receivable management and collections for every business, we are humbled every time another client refers a colleague to PCM Corp. Engaging a third-party collection agency for the first time can be a difficult choice. Based upon the number of referrals we get, PCM Corp. is making a positive financial impact on our customers, and they want others to benefit from our debt recovery expertise.”

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