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Alysia's First Business Card
Alysia's First Business Card

Alysia Lohner – President

Phone: 1-866-266-0117

Email: [email protected].


Hello! I’m Alysia (sounds like “Aleesha”) Lohner, President here at PCM Corp.

My career in the credit and collection world began back in 1996 when I was 6 years old. My job was to babysit my little brother while Dad (Brad Lohner) worked in the office on Saturdays. I remember running up and down the aisles of desks playing hide and seek. Sometimes people left snacks on their desks, I’m not sure who may have eaten them…

My first company (when I was eight years old) was called “Alysia’s Window Washing.” I had the position of President, my brother was Vice President, and our little sister was the window washer…somebody had to do the work!

In my high school years, I worked in the family business and learned all about debt recovery and Builders’ Liens. Throughout my last year of high school and into university, I managed the Lien-Pro® division and became exceptionally good at Land Title Searches and locating real estate titles.

Being exposed to an office environment and being the daughter and granddaughter of business owners, I naturally gravitated to business.

Building Customized Credit Policies & Systems for Success

Following high school, I attended McEwan University in Edmonton where I obtained my Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Management.

I have a huge passion for developing systems and processes to make things run smoothly. I have enjoyed being able to use my passion to help our business grow. Our team has gotten very good at going into our client’s businesses, evaluating their credit policies, and creating a system customized for them to improve their cash flow.

I’m Optimistic About the Credit Industry

I feel there will be very exciting times ahead. Our economy will certainly have its challenges as the business community digs out from COVID-19, in what will likely be the biggest economic event of this generation.

I believe we have assembled the best team of credit professionals ever. I love what I do and I love working with our team. We are focused on the future and how we can best serve our community and loyal customers. Visit our About PCM Corp page to learn more.