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Say "Goodbye" to your bad debt!


What's My File Number?

Before you make a payment, locate your file number so your payment can be applied to your file quickly!

Your PCM file number (5-6 digit number) is located on the top left of your notice above your name and address


Payment Options:

Email Money Transfer (e-transfer):

Email: [email protected] (Note: We are set up for auto-deposit)
Description/notes: Enter your name and your file number

If needed, use the following...

Security Question: What is my file number?

Answer: (Your PCM File Number)

Online Banking:

1. Add "Priority Credit Management Corp." as a payee
2. Input your PCM File Number

Credit Card (Restrictions Apply):

Contact our office to learn if you qualify to pay by Credit Card - 780-643-2168

Payment Plans:

1. Propose a re-payment plan! Complete the below form to propose a possible re-payment plan

2. Our team will review your proposal and contact you to discuss options.

Note: Re-payment plans are subject to review. If you need more than three (3) months to pay off your debt, no problem! We will need a completed Financial Capacity Assessment ("FCA") to validate your re-payment proposal. Get a head start - download and complete your FCA here.

Proposed Payment Plan

  • Listed above your name on the letter you have received
  • Example: Weekdays 8:30am - 10am
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.