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The PCM PROcess

Founded on our core focus which is: Helping Creditors by Providing the Support and Tools They Need to Succeed, PCM Corp is genuinely interested in the financial health of your business. Visit our testimonials page to read some of our reviews. We believe it is critical to understand your company and industry to deliver our services enabling us to provide our clients with the best possible return on investment. To accomplish this goal, we follow our four-step process when onboarding a new customer.

1. Consultation. The exploratory phase is where we get to know one another, and by having a complete business review, we can examine pain points and potential synergies. If there is an agreement that our firm can provide good value for your business, then we move onto the second phase.

2. Getting it Right. Trust and mutual respect are the hallmarks of all long-term relationships. When onboarding a new client, PCM Corp does not leave the details until later. Documents are reviewed and exchanged, information disseminated, and thorough training given to each client who wishes to access our proprietary system. We want to get started on the right foot and not waste your time.

3. The Work. In this phase, you will come to understand what our existing customers love about us – the comfort in knowing we have your back. Your appointed Client Success Manager (CSM) will ensure you can access our research and examine all documentation about each of your customers. Your CSM’s job is to make sure PCM Copr executes its work (liens, collections, remittance, billing, demand letters, or receivable management) on your behalf as promised.

4. What’s Next? Just because the work is completed doesn’t mean that PCM Corp’s accountability to you ends. Additional steps may need to be taken to be sure your interests are covered. PCM Corp will discuss next steps and strategies, provide account follow-up, provide post-lien options, make or receive referrals (we love referrals!) and invite you to webinars and group seminars that would benefit your business.

For more detailed information about how our credit and debt collection services work, please check out our FAQs page.

1. Consultation

Where we get to know one another.

2. Getting It Right

Trust and mutual respect are the hallmarks of all long-term relationships.

3. The Work

The comfort in knowing we have your back.

What's Next?

PCM’s accountability to you never ends.

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