Most people dread collections - we get it! If you are like most, you have learned accounts receivable on the job and have not received any formal training on how to collect with confidence. CollectPro™ is here to help close the knowledge gap. We will provide you with the resources and insight you need to speed up collections from slow payers.

Company POV: The Customer is #1 and you don’t want to impact the relationship, even if the customer is slow to pay.  Mitigate your risk exposure on slow payers by optimizing your Business, your People, & your Customers with CollectPro™ accounts receivable training. We are here to help you get paid faster and avoid the burn of bad debt.

At Priority Credit Management, we provide our customers with the tools and knowledge required to effectively create and manage a receivable portfolio for maximum returns. CollectPro™ was created based on the best practices we have seen working with thousands of companies from various industries and business sizes. PCM's PACE Method out perform industry average by 1.5x. We want to teach you everything we know.


Building the Accounts Receivable All Stars of Tomorrow


CollectPro™ certification program is a blend of online learning – theory and practical applications and one-on-one coaching.

Time Commitment: Self-paced online learning (21 Hours, 9 modules) designed to be completed in 90 days.

Receive your CollectPRO Certification upon completion of:

  • Complete online learning (100% completion)
  • Check-ins participation (100% participation)
  • Complete certification workshop (score 100%)
Course Outline:

  • Course Overview*: Back to Basics (Core Accountabilties)
  • Strategies for collecting with care
  • Toolkit: Collecting with PACE
  • Practical Applications - It’s Time to Get Paid!
  • Advanced Collection Strategies
  • Resiliency: Overcoming collection challenges
  • Caring Community: Support Networks
  • Continuous learning & growth resources


What's in it for you? The Benefits

Participants (Those who perform A/R tasks):

  • Skill Enhancement: Improve collection skills
  • Resiliency Tools: Reduce stress and mitigate burnout
  • Community Growth: Expand your network and connect with like-minded individuals




  • Become Proactive - avoid the bad debt trap
  • Get Paid Faster - Speed up collection of receivables
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Employee Retention - Collections is a tough job, increase job satisfaction.
  • Reduce Expenses - learn a new way to collect to mitigate cost of external debt collections

Ready to join the Waitlist?

Enrollment starting September 2024


CollectProTM basic course is a one time cost of $5495* for one participant to become Certified. The course is self-paced. Additionally, you can enhance your learning experience with our monthly coaching programs.

*Pricing subject to change. Current pricing offered is a promotional price.

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