Transportation & Freight Debt Recovery Services

Because the industry is so competitive, freight debt collection is essential for transportation and freight delivery companies. In this business, you are more susceptible to higher risk when opening a credit account for shippers.

In addition to being highly competitive, by its very nature, transportation and freight delivery is capital intensive.

Implementing a successful freight debt collection strategy will ensure the success of all facets of your business. Equipment payments must be made. Repairs and regular maintenance must be conducted, and fuel bills must be paid. Depending upon your business, you may even encounter currency exchange issues that can negatively impact your transport business.

The margins on transportation and freight are also highly competitive. Your continued success is dependent upon your accounts receivable turning over efficiently and with as little risk as possible.

Some trucking and courier companies resort to factoring the receivables. While factoring solves the immediate cash flow issue, it only compounds your margin problems. It makes it difficult to move away from a factor and keep more of your cash in your pocket.

If you are having difficulties with your receivables or margins, you may want to consider a freight debt collection service like Priority Credit Management Corp (PCM Corp).

As with our commercial collection services, PCM Corp can make transportation and freight receivable collections simple using our exclusive tools. We can help you keep more of your hard-earned revenue and give you better visibility and control over your cash flow.

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Freight Debt Collection Services Used by Transport Companies:

  1. PCM Credit Checks
  2. Automated Accounts Receivable Tools (PCM PRO)
  3. Staff Training
  4. Professional Debt Collections

PCM PRO is an automated account receivables software tool that connects to your accounting system. PCM PRO can easily connect to transportation specific industry systems, as well as:

Sage 50 Quickbooks
SAP Microsoft Dynamics

Contact us today for a demo to see how PCM Pro or any one of our standalone debt collection services can help you.

About PCM Corp

Based in Edmonton, AB, Priority Credit Management Corp helps creditors across Canada with Canadian and Cross-Border debt collections. PCM Corp can provide the tools and support your tansport company needs to responsibly manage your receiveables and ensure the ongoing health of your cash flow and business.

If you still have questions about our freight debt collection services or you would like to know more about our company,  please call us toll-free at 1-866-266-0117