Debt Collection, Recovery & Maintaining Goodwill

Getting customers isn’t easy. The cost of customer acquisition can be very high, so it is important to keep them frequently purchasing your good or services to recoup your acquisition costs and make a profit.

If your operating margin is 5% and a non-paying customer owes you $10,000.00, you will need $200,000.00 in new sales just to recover the loss. This does not include your cost of customer acquisition for the new client you just brought on board to replace the old one, not to mention the cost of lost opportunities had you collected the original $10,000.00 and used it to purchase raw material or provide more services.

PCM’s mandate throughout the collection and recovery process is to maintain goodwill between you and your customer. If it is possible, we want them purchasing from you again in the future.

Let the highly-trained management and staff at PCM help you to get paid faster and with less headache than doing it by yourself. Unlike using a law firm where you are going to get a bill regardless of the outcome, with PCM you only pay when we collect. Rest easy knowing that PCM’s interests and yours are aligned – We’ve Got Your Back.