Free Download: The Indemnity Contract Template

The Gold Standard of Agreements for Collection Agencies and Maximum Recovery

Remembering exact phrasing in your contracts to be compliant with the law and collection agencies can be extremely daunting, especially for smaller companies where the business owner might not specialize in legal phrasing.

Our clients frequently ask us how they can ensure their agreements with their customers can maximize profitability, so PCM created this one-page, free downloadable template. It is ready to use at any time and can be adjusted for your own company.

This template is the ultimate contract that ensures:

  1. Correct wording for indemnity clauses to protect you (In the unfortunate circumstance your customer goes out of business)
  2. The format that collection agencies can use to collect more money in the event your customer's account becomes outstanding

This clause can be used in your credit agreement and across all Provinces and Territories in Canada.

Simply fill out the form to have access to the template and you are sure to have yourself an amended credit agreement that will help you stay protected and maximize profitability for years to come!


*Please note: This form is updated for 2021. Laws DO change from time to time. If you are ever unsure of the relevancy of this form, please reference provincial laws pertaining to this or call PCM at 1-866-266-0117

**Disclaimer: Priority Credit Management is a third-party accounts receivable agency. We are not lawyers. We will not give you legal advice. We strongly recommend that you consult a licensed lawyer for legal advice.