Construction sites can sometimes be confusing places. Subcontractors and building suppliers are prone to wrong information when it comes to filing liens because, in many instances, they don’t have the benefit of seeing the drawings and plans which contain the necessary information. Delivery trucks drive across an imaginary line, and now your goods are sitting on someone else’s property.

GPS Coordinates Will Greatly Improve Your Lien Filing Accuracy


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As of the date of this article, Lien-Pro®, a division of PCM Corp, has a 100% success rate locating the correct titles or mineral lease; however, when up against extremely tight deadlines, the probability of a mistake goes up exponentially. To give yourself every chance to register your lien on the right property, we recommend taking a GPS reading while on site. Geolocation is accomplished using your delivery vehicles onboard GPS or using your smartphone. Click on the Compass icon. The app will open, and at the bottom of the screen, you will see a series of numbers that look like this: 54°  26’ 13” N 114° 37’ 32” W. Either write this series of numbers on the delivery ticket or take a screenshot and text it to your accounting staff. This series of numbers will significantly enhance the probability of registering your lien on the correct land title or assist your lien-filing agent if timelines are very tight.

The Flaws of GPS Recording

While the GPS method does provide a high degree of accuracy, one should not rely solely upon this method. For example, there could be two titles at the delivery location. Your driver unloads in the parking lot and takes a GPS reading except the material is being used on the building next door on a completely different title. Our Lien-Pro® technicians double-check all data provided and will send a picture of the land title map back to you for validation by your company. In these cases, you should expect to receive a few phone calls from us, making sure of the location details.


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